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  The Sequel to George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece, 1984.


  1985, one year on, and Winston is diligently erasing and rewriting history in his position at the Ministry of Truth. Winston loves Big Brother and wants to forget he ever thought about plotting against the Party.

  But, at the Chestnut Tree Cafe, at a chance encounter, Julia seems to leave Winston a cryptic message to meet...

  Winston is once again drawn into acts of possible Thought Crime against Big Brother but, this time, will it help Winston beyond his wildest dreams, or totally destroy him..?

Coming April 2024

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The powerful Council of Nobles are humbled by an enigmatic cloaked figure.

A unique felled tree, deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest, holds the secret to a revolutionary bow.


 The Sheriff of Nottingham aims to cleverly meld those two events into one dramatic vision: to be finally rid of Robin Hood and his band of irritating outlaws.

And he is more than willingly assisted by the menacing, and Robin’s rival for the affections of Marian, Sir Guy of Gisbourne…

  "Divorced, beheaded, died..."


  King Henry VIII is inconsolable over the loss of his beloved queen, Jane Seymour. He banishes himself to the lower-levels of Whitehall Palace and refuses to see or speak to anyone.

  A deeply concerned Cromwell has a desperate plan: To send down the old court jester, the unstable Will Sommers into the darkness, to somehow help. Meanwhile, Cromwell's enemies at court are gathering...

  Henry's grief regresses into a strange kind of manic madness.


  But... can a fool really save the King?

Robin Hood
Tudor Turmoil Foto
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Mr Polly Kobo

The Sequel to HG Wells' celebrated comic novel, The History of Mr Polly.


  Time has moved on for Mr Polly. Over ten years have passed since the tragic loss of his beloved Nancy - 'Nan' as he lovingly called her. Polly thinks he should now leave the Potwell Inn to allow Nan's daughter to rightfully inherit her home and fully live her own life.

  But... a new post mistress has arrived at the village and Mr Polly is immediately bewitched.

  As a wistful Mr Polly looks to the future, he attempts to put his past behind him, but frustratingly finds it won't quite stay there...


D'Artagnan's Legacy

    A Musketeers feature-length Special!


  The sequel to The Man in the Iron Mask...


  17th Century France, two years after D'Artagnan's death:


   Deep beneath the Palais de Versailles, Aramis is shocked and astonished by the directives of D'Artagnan's Legacy. To follow, he must betray his honour; his King and, perhaps most damning of all, his fellow Musketeers.

   The Sun King will be eclipsed by darkness once more...

   Or can the ageing Musketeers really reunite, for one last time - for the glory of France?

Anne's Secret Diary

  Anne Shirley... in her own words.


  Anne is at one of her 'bends in the road' as she is about to finally leave Green Gables to study at Redmond College with a certain Gilbert Blythe.

  Anne, taking a wistful look around her east gable room, thinks back to her tearful first night at Green Gables and faintly remembers hiding her secret diary somewhere...

  Anne finds and opens her diary, and it transports her way back to her forgotten past, to relive her days at the cold and bleak orphanage asylum, where she still somehow managed to have a series of remarkable adventures...

Robin Hood The Final Arrow

  No one - friend or foe - has seen Robin Hood for over a year.

  The Sheriff and Gisborne then capture a hooded figure who could be their sworn enemy...

  The last of the outlaws: Little John, Much and Alan A Dale must consider... Do they risk everything to rescue this mysterious yet somehow familiar stranger? And if he isn't Robin Hood - then who is he and what is he planning..?


  "There's just one more thing..."


  A highly innovative murder.


  A dishevelled American detective.


  But why does the Lieutenant focus his homicide investigation on multi-billionaire business owner, Houston - who also happens to have the tightest alibi of them all, save for 4 minutes..?

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