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Series Seven

The Armchair Detective and the Night School Suspects

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

Memories restored, Trench returns to the Stokeham Herald only to find that Editor Law’s girlfriend, ‘Moaning’ Margaret has replaced him as senior reporter at the Herald.

Even worse, Margaret insists on only investigating stories that are ‘good for the community’. And what seems like a straight forward theft story at the local night school is first on her hit list.

But there is something decidedly odd going on at Stokeham Night School and it might, just might, turn into the type of investigation Margaret wanted to avoid in the first place…

The Armchair Detective and the Book in the Library

  “How can mere pages alter someone so much?”


There is one particular book in Stokeham Library that everyone seems to be after. That Loving Feeling has a ridiculously long waiting list and each reader is more than reluctant to return it. The book seems to dramatically change the personality of whosoever reads it, sending them into ‘adore’ overdrive.


Trench thinks the book must have a uniquely compelling narrative, but Old Tom has an inkling for something else...

The Armchair Detective Versus Stokeham United

    “Goal! A record-equalling goal!”


Watched by Margaret and Trench, ‘Strike‘em in Staunton’ scores for the ninth game in a row, equalling Stokeham United’s all-time goal scoring record.

But then striker Staunton suffers from a series of suspicious mishaps. Could someone at the club be attempting to stop Staunton from breaking the goal record by using foul play?

Old Tom suggests delving deep into the club’s historical records, but soon realises that the footballing mystery is becoming more complicated than the off-side trap…

The Armchair Detective and the Manor-House Menace

     Little has changed structurally to Dreadbury Manor since Trench’s last visit almost six years ago – but other things have: The manor-house is now empty; the Lord of the Manor resides abroad and the sixteenth-century property is up ‘For Sale’.

But… What is causing the strange creaking sounds that plague the hallways? Who is the ethereal woman in white who flows between the house and the grounds? And what is the significance of the old coin found near the stables?

Trench and Old Tom must look to the past to discover just who is menacing the manor-house of today...

Night School
Book Library
Manor-House Menace
Stokeham United
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