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Claire revisits each of the mysteries created by the Mystery Makers, and slowly realises that they - and her - could be part of the most amazing mystery of all...

Claire Mystery ACX Cover
Claire 1 ACX
Claire Mystery Makers
Claire School

Claire is dreading her first day at her new school until she meets some mysterious new friends who hint that there could be an amazing historical secret behind the suspicious school...

Claire & the Haunted House

Claire is invited to spend Halloween in a spooky haunted house with her mysterious new friends.

But, what monstrous mystery are they making? And who is it really for..?

Claire & the Christmas Present Problem

Claire is disappointed to be taken away from her mystery-making friends to spend Christmas in a remote country mansion. 

But, after meetiing the girl of the house, Alice, she realises there could be a Christmas mystery to unwrap here, after all...

Claire Haunted ACX
Claire Christmas Acx


Claire & the Making of a Mystery
Mystery Making ACX Final
Claire & the Mystery Makers

Paperback Out NOW

(not illustrated)

I am Claire. I am an 11 year-old girl. I meet two new friends who invite me to join the Mystery Makers.

And these are the 4 mind-blowing mysteries I made with them...

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