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Armchair Detective titles have been as high as No. 2 in Amazon Kindle's British Detectives and Drama (British & Irish) catagories and inside the top-selling 7,000 in the USA - and inside the top 550 in the UK.


Also The Armchair Detective On Holiday has climbed to No. 3 in Kobo's (UK) Mystery & Suspense, Cozy Mysteries section.


The Armchair Detective's Last Ever Case has been No. 1 in Kobo's (UK) Fiction & Literature, Drama, British & Irish catagory.


The Armchair Detective mysteries have recently been broadcast as a full-cast radio dramas by Shoestring Radio Theatre in America.

Radio Armchair
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... is a series of absorbing and original Cosy Mysteries, revolving around The Armchair Detective. Featuring regular and guest characters; a complete script each time, sometimes with a linking back-story.


Solving mysteries from the armchair... since October 2010.*







  Set in the fictional middle England town of Stokeham...


  Trench, a reporter for the local newspaper, the Stokeham Herald, meets a mysterious elderly man - Old Tom, the armchair detective - whilst investigating the mystery of the Mayflower Court flats, Old Tom's residence. Old Tom helps Trench uncover the hidden truth behind the headlines.

  And so begins their curious partnership. Old Tom and Trench investigate many more mysteries including discovering who is the secret celebrity stalker and unearthing the origins of a peculiar pocket watch.


  Trench never sees Old Tom leave his armchair and it's only him who ever seems to see or speak to his old friend.


  Trench is assisted by his colleague Sally-Anne - Debsy from Series Two onwards - and is slightly hampered by his boss Editor Law.


  Trench is drawn into Old Tom's world and slowly discovers more of his remarkable past...

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Old Tom



Editor Law


  Trench has an engaging yet deceptively tenacious manner. He is fascinated by the concept of solving mysteries with his curious new old friend.

  He is slow though to pick up on romantic signals from Sally-Anne or Debsy.

 Old Tom has hid himself away from the world until Trench comes into his life, who seems to remind him of days gone by.

  He has a bewildering deductive mind.

  Way back in his past though, he has done something he deeply regrets...

  Sally-Anne initially finds Trench's friendship with Old Tom amusing, but begins to feel frustrated as she realises there are three people in this relationship.

  She is an efficient investigative journalist and, despite herself, often helps Trench with his latest mystery.

  Debsy is dizzy, a bit daft and delightful in turn - and very determined. She often helps Trench more than she thinks, usually by accident.

  She is interested in Trench's Old Tom and welcomes his invaluable help.

  She slowly falls for Trench - but will he notice?

  Editor Law loves his golf and often plays when he should perhaps be editing.

  Trench's distractions annoy him but he still indulges his favourite reporter.

  Mandrake was once his best friend, but Old Tom betrayed him which resulted in tragedy.

  Mandrake now seeks a twisting and creeping retribution on his former colleague...

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