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Series Ten Kindle

Trench and Old Tom follow the clues for finding the old fellow's long-lost friend from the past, Eleanor.

Can Trench find her, for his old friend, before illness strikes a deathly blow? And discover the final secret of the armchair detective..?


All five mysteries of the last-ever series of The Armchair Detective.

The Armchair Detective Detected

Description coming soon...

Series Collections

The Back Cover descriptions in full:


The Armchair Detective Series One - The Complete 'Boxed Set'

A chance meeting with a mysterious, elderly man...


Featuring all six plays of the absorbing, yet fun mystery series that has taken Amazon Kindle by storm.


Also, exclusive 'Boxed Set' Extras including:

   Interview with the man behind the armchair

   Deleted scenes

   Easter egg

   Favourite quotes - and more!


The Armchair Detective Series Two

A furtive factory; a punctual noisy neighbour; a recursive problem and a plot of creeping retribution from the 'Old Days'...


Join Trench and Old Tom for more mystery and mayhem in all four Plays of Series Two.


Plus bonus feature, covering the characterisation of newcomer, Debsy.

Series Three

The Armchair Detective Series Three

A curious Christmas cuckoo; a clockwork mystery; a capital investigation and a suspiciously helpful Mandrake...


Be the armchair detective alongside Trench and Old Tom in four more cosy mysteries.


Plus Extras:

Play of the Month Guide & Planning The Armchair Detective

Series Four & Five

The Armchair Detective Series Four & Five

Drug-induced alleyways; a closed book club; a mystery on the move; deduction: love; a forgotten village and the final Mandrake master plan...


Trench and Old Tom have plenty to chat about in all six cosy mysteries from Series Four AND Five.


Plus Extras - including a study of Old Tom's and Mandrake's curious past.

The Armchair Detective Series Six Memory

Can Trench somehow recover his lost memories by investigating: Targeted shop closures; a curious computer fair; three abandoned old dolls and more memory problems at the Riverside Hospital?


Extras include a specially written prequel.

Series Seven

The Armchair Detective Series Seven

Bossy Margaret joins Trench at the Stokeham Herald as they investigate: A nefarious night school; a life-changing book; a footballing mystery and a menace of a once familiar manor-house...


Extras include a never-before-published deleted scene.

Series Eight

The Armchair Detective Series Eight The Fellowship

For over a thousand years, The Fellowship has prepared for one purpose only. They believe the wrath of the ancient Gods will cause a cataclysmic event in... Stokeham.


Each mystery solved brings Trench closer to The Fellowship, and to their belief in his remarkable destiny...

Series Nine

The Armchair Detective Series Nine and the Specials

Journey from the stunning, unique and ultra-modern Times Apartments to the brooding, Gothic atmosphere of Castle Mandrake...


Series Nine of The Armchair Detective plus two feature-length Specials.

The Armchair Detective Series Ten Finding Eleanor The Final Series

Series Memory
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