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Series Eight The Fellowship

The Armchair Detective and the Management Conspiracy

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

   "You've got the job."

    "Me? Really? Are you sure?"


     Why are the most unsuitable applicants suddenly successfully filling the situations vacant in Stokeham? Could the candidates be linked in some way?

     Trench isn't so sure, but Debsy's 'friend' from holiday, Steven seems really keen to find a connection.

      And Old Tom starts to think there could be more to this case than simply promoting hopeless hopefuls...

The Armchair Detective and the Little Match Girl

   "Kind sir, would you buy a match? Only a penny each..."


     Trench finally visits the secretive Fellowship - the link behind the management conspiracy - and finds them just that, secretive. He sends Debsy and Steven to do some Fellowship research, while he picks up a story - about a children's care home, the Workhouse.

     The Workhouse do a good job in helping poor and vulnerable children, but Trench discovers, round the back of the Workhouse, something impossible on a cold, fog-fuelled cobbled alleyway that shouldn't even be there - a little match girl, selling matches...

The Armchair Detective and the Lost Scrolls of Stokeham

    If you go down to the woods today...


    Why has the popular Stokeham Woods been cordoned off to the public, by order of the council?

     As The Fellowship now control Stokeham Council, Trench finds himself with a difficult choice as, seemingly, the only way to find out what's really going on in the woods is for him to become as one with the mysterious and secretive society that is The Fellowship...


      ... you're in for a big surprise.

The Armchair Detective and the Stokeham Invasion

    "The end days are upon us."


      For over a thousand years, The Fellowship has survived, evolved, planned and prepared for one purpose and one purpose only.

      The Fellowship believe the wrath of the ancient Gods will soon cause a cataclysmic event. They believe, as it is written, that only one person can provide salvation - and that person happens to be Trench.

      Trouble is, Trench doesn't even know what he's supposed to save them from, never mind how to do it.

       Perhaps, as always, the final secret lies with his armchair-bound friend, Old Tom...

Fellowship 1
Little Match Girl
Lost Scrolls
Stokeham Invasion
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