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    Love is in the air, so Editor Law introduces a ‘Loved Up’ section to the Stokeham Herald.


    Trench and Old Tom can’t help thinking that one particular Loved Up message seems slightly strange.

Why did David send the message so close to his big day? Why is he paying for the whole wedding? And is there more to his fiancé’s relationship with their wedding planner than is rightfully proper?


    Old Tom begins to believe that love can be a many suspicious thing...

Series Five

The Armchair Detective In Love

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

In Love
Shires Circle

The Armchair Detective and the Shires' Circle Conundrum

   The village that time forgot...


   Trench is invited by his old friend, Geoffrey to spend the weekend in one of the quietest and remotest villages of Shires’ Circle, Squire’s Retreat. A village that is steeped in ‘the Old Ways’.

How can the village support a Post Office, public house and guest house with next to no visitors or villagers? What dark ways are practised at the ancient stone circle?

And to add to the conundrum, Geoffrey finds a clue to possibly discovering the fabled lost stone, the Circle of the Shires...


   ‘Seek the Circle’s centre and ye shall find...’

Master Plan Kindle

The Armchair Detective and the Mandrake Master Plan

    “Our vendetta will end Thomas, one way or another...”


Mandrake challenges his old friend and Trench to locate him within 48 hours. If they don’t, Mandrake will die from a time-activated self-inflicted poison. If Trench can find him and administer the antidote in time, Mandrake has vowed that his feud with Old Tom will be finally over.

Trench’s current assignment and a faint trail of clues lead him to the Riverside Hospital and a memory-sapping conspiracy.

Can Trench solve the medical mystery and save Mandrake before it’s too late?


“Our vendetta will end, one way or another...”

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