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Series Four

The Armchair Detective Down the Avenues and Alleyways

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

First-ever Armchair Detective 'musical'!


  Down the avenues and alleyways...


  A highly addictive new drug has hit Downtown.

  To investigate, Trench must infiltrate the centre of the dangerous, drug-fuelled avenues and alleyways of Downtown Stokeham.

  What is this new drug? Who is the hidden supplier? And how significant is the deadly Skar..?

  Can Old Tom help Trench experience the high of solving Downtown's psychotic secret?


  Everyone is dealing. Everyone is stealing...

Secret Society

The Armchair Detective and the Secret Society

  "Read any good books lately?"


  What is so different about the Chapter One Book Club? Why don't they exactly welcome new members?

  Trench surprisingly discovers that a colleague is already an existing member - so why can't he remember joining? And why doesn't he even seem to know who the other book lovers are?


  By reading inbetween the lines, Old Tom begins to realise that Chapter One is far from a closed book...

Steam Train

The Armchair Detective On Board the Steam Train Express

   Here comes the choo choo train puffing down the track.


   All aboard! Tickets please!


Trench and Old Tom board the newly-restored Steam Train Express, and soon become engrossed in their mystery on the move, and ponder their fellow passengers… What is so odd about the Mildred sisters? Why did the Sergeant-Major retire so early? And where has that girl, Debsy got to?

Can Old Tom make the necessary connections before journey’s end?


    Now it’s going forward, now it’s going back…

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