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Series Nine

The Armchair Detective and the Past Times Apartments

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

  "A Housewife comes as standard."


The last remaining of the unique and innovative Times Apartments, at One Solo Street, is still available to let.

This stunning apartment features: ultra-high specifications throughout, including state-of-the-art appliances that contour seamlessly into the living space, combined with an advanced 100 inch flat screen television which covers one entire wall. Instinctive lighting is combined with unsurpassed comfort and eye-catching austere, minimalistic design.

An intuitive Housewife is included with the apartment and you will find the letting price to be the most reasonable in the area.


  "So," Old Tom says to Trench, "what's the catch?"

The Armchair Detective and the Future Times Apartments

  “I am always happy to help.”


Housewife, a virtual assistant, is always keen to assist in each of the four stunning yet minimilistically austere Times Apartments. Whether it's to dispense your favourite coffee, help with the cooking, or simply change television channels, Housewife makes herself indispensable.

After eight long years, Trench returns to the Times Apartments - this time bringing Debsy with him.

Trench notices that Housewife still seems curiously nosey and reveals perhaps more than she should about the other tenants. Trench can't help but wonder at the true motive behind the all-seeing and ever-helpful Housewife...

Times Apartments 1
Times Apartments 2
Times Apartments 1
Times Apartments 2
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