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A chance meeting with a mysterious elderly man...

Who is Old Tom - a sad and lonely fusspot? Or a forgotten figure whose bewildering deductive abilities hint at something more..?

Does he ever leave his armchair?

Why is he only seen or heard by engaging, local newspaper reporter, Trench?

And what surprising secret are the Mayflower Court Flats really hiding?


Come on a challenging, yet comfortable investigation.

Can you solve the mystery without leaving your armchair..?

The Armchair Detective and the Manor-House Mystery


"My name is Darnia Storm. I was a stunning glamour model, now I'm a beautiful actress. I adore men - and love women. But not everyone shares my amazing success. Jealousy and bitterness are now my co-stars. Someone is stalking me, but who? I need help..."


Trench takes the Lead, and Old Tom directs the Show from backstage...



(for a visit to the sleepy coastal village of Fisherman's Cove)



     BUCKET & SPADE - CHECK (I'll need to do some digging.)

     MYSTERY - CHECK (An enduring fifty year-old one: whatever                                   happened to the brothers Quinn?)

     GIRLFRIEND - NOT EXACTLY (But Sally-Anne's coming along.)

     ARMCHAIR - AFRAID NOT (Sorry Old Tom, but it won't fit in the suitcase.)

"All good things must come to an end."


Old Tom begins to realise that his time with Trench is nearly over, his work almost complete.

But first, there is their most bizarre mystery yet to solve. As new owners prepare to take over the Stokeham Herald, a strange black box sends Trench on a seemingly frantic wild goose chase throughout Stokeham. There is a rising familiarity behind all the rushing about - and Old Tom starts to sense a hidden agenda…


Before The Armchair Detective

Before the beginning of a mystery legend...

Trench and Editor Law discover the Stokeham Herald is losing sales fast to a new rival newspaper, the Stokeham Star - whose star reporter always seems to be the first to a news story exclusive.

And... why are the Stokeham Star offices so close to Downtown Stokeham? What is the Star's connection to shady businessman, Stonebridge? And does the Star's editor have his own hidden agenda?

The investigation will lead Trench to future colleague, Sally-Anne and eventually to the Mayflower Court flats where a certain mysterious and elderly gentleman will be waiting for him...

The Prequel to The Armchair Detective

Series One & Prequel


The Armchair Detective

The Armchair Detective and the Celebrity Stalker

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

A missing girl...

The manipulative aristocrat, Marcus Dreadbury.

A local gangster with a drug-dealing problem.

The Manor's locked room, with a dusty handle.

Stables, but with no sign of any horses.

A subterranean stream.

Marcus' madcap father.

And a Manor-House full of surprises.


Trench and Old Tom must somehow make the connection, if they are to succeed at playing find-the-lady...

The Armchair Detective On Holiday

The Armchair Detective and the Psychological Secret

"What has turned an independent woman into a Stepford Wife?"


An old college girlfriend of Sally-Anne's has disturbingly changed since her marriage. Is her friend's controlling husband responsible?

Trench and Old Tom have plenty to think about. To help, they must uncover a frightening secret from the past...

The Armchair Detective's Last Ever Case

Manor House
Armchair Detective ACX
Last Ever
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