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Series Six Memory

The Armchair Detective and the Forgotten Friend

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

   "Old Tom, I've lost memory..."


    Trench turns up on Old Tom's doorstep barely knowing how he came to be there, having seemingly lost all of his memories.

    Old Tom sits him down and suggests that Trench forgets his lack of memory for now, and carry on as usual. The old fellow even has to hand-draw him a map of how to reach the Stokeham Herald.

    At the Herald, Trench meets the new temporary girl, Diana. They soon start looking into an alarming number of recent shop closures which may have a connection to forgotten figures from Trench's own unreachable past...

The Armchair Detective and the Computer Colony

   "Access denied."


Trench and Diana visit the local computer fair, The Computer Colony and start to feel its logarithm is slightly skewered.

Why has the computer fair been in town for years instead of weeks? What is behind the 'Strictly No Admittance' door? Just why has The Computer Colony embedded itself deep within the heart of Stokeham?

Old Tom senses it may all come down to... memory.


   "The Colony will be in control."

The Armchair Detective and the Three Wooden Dolls

    A shoebox has appeared on Trench's desk at the Stokeham Herald - he has no idea of how it came to be there. Trench opens the box to reveal three wooden dolls.

    Trench looks at the dolls. Two boys and a girl. Their clothes are dishevelled and bedraggled. Their wooden faces are dark and stained with age. He looks into their eyes. Somehow Trench knows that they were once, perhaps a lifetime ago, much loved.

    Trench wonders what the dolls would say if they could speak. He places the lid back upon the shoebox. He decides to take the dolls to Old Tom, with a hope to discover just what their story, through the ages, could possibly be...

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Memory 4

The Armchair Detective and the Memory Master

    Trench returns to the Riverside Hospital, but still barely remembers it.


    What is the reason for the severe cutbacks at the hospital? And why, for a struggling hospital, does it have one particular doctor looking after only one particular memory-loss patient?

    Trench begins to remember. Could he be at the very centre of an extraordinarily elaborate and meticulously twisted plot? Or is it something else?


    Can Old Tom finally help Trench recover his lost memories..?

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