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Series Ten Finding Eleanor

The Armchair Detective and the Impossible Shop

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

   The shop around the corner…  


Following a clue to find Old Tom’s friend from the past, Eleanor, Trench visits The Stokeham Shop and can’t quite believe what he sees there.

Why for a busy shop, does it seem to take little or no money? Why is there an abundance of security cameras? And what is the connection between a member of the shop’s staff and a particular awkward customer?

What’s more, Trench and Debsy want to actually shop there, but find it to be… impossible.

The Armchair Detective and the Curious Guest House

   "You look as though you need a holiday, Trench.”


    Old Tom encourages Trench to take a holiday to the Bayview Guest House in sunny Clayton-on-Sea, primarily to see if he can discover anything of a previous guest there, a certain Eleanor.

But as Trench steps into the guest house, he finds it curious to say the least. An old-fashioned atmosphere seems to permeate through the very walls. The vintage colour television in the lounge looks like it hails from the 1970s. There is no mobile telephone coverage, and don’t even think about a Wi-Fi signal.

Trench considers his fellow guests and wonders whether they too, are living in the past…

The Armchair Detective and the Dolls' House Mystery

   A mystery in miniature…


   Ralph, Gardner and Buttercup are three wooden dolls who are also old friends of Trench.

The dolls ‘decide’ to visit Trench for a while and soon become involved in a mysterious Victorian dolls’ house situated inside Stokeham Museum.

The dolls explore the dolls’ house, but Buttercup senses something very bad happened there a long, long time ago.

Buttercup sees that Trench and Old Tom are struggling, and decides that the three wooden dolls must help out once again…

The Armchair Detective and the Memoirs of Mandrake

    Like everything else Mandrake has accomplished in his life, he has meticulously planned and prepared his final memoirs.

Mandrake knows that Thomas and Trench will have to, not only examine every word, but also read in-between the lines, if they’re to have any hope of unearthing the clue, for finally finding Eleanor…

Finding Eleanor 1
Finding Eleanor 3
Finding Eleanor 4

The Armchair Detective Remembered

    Ten years…


    Countless mysteries…


    And it all comes down to this.


    The armchair detective has left this mortal coil, but there is still one more mystery to solve.

As Trench chases figures from his past, he gradually realises that they will eventually lead him to finally finding Eleanor, and to discovering the astonishing secret behind the armchair detective himself…

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