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Series Two

The Armchair Detective Returns

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

A major sponsor for the Stokeham Herald, a gadgets factory, severs its ties with the newspaper.

Trench finds his new colleague, Debsy infuriating, exasperating and dizzy in turn - but can she somehow help?

What is the reason for all the sudden changes at the factory?

And will Trench, once more, seek guidance from an old friend with a fondness for armchairs..?

The Armchair Detective and the Logical Problem

Tearing Debsy away from her latest craze, logic puzzles, Trench looks into a noisy neighbour story with a difference.

Why does Harris play very loud music at such precise, regular intervals?

What is the purpose of a Bank in the middle of a housing estate?

And is Harris' obession with the Cold War anything to do with the price of fish?


Helped again by Old Tom, Trench needs to take a leaf out of Debsy's book, and start looking at the problem... logically.

The Armchair Detective and the Castle of Mandrake Part One

First ever Armchair Detective two-parter:


"Events cast shadows before them."


Old Tom, most unlike himself, is suddenly fearful of the 'Old Days'. He eagerly looks into Trench's new mystery to take his mind off his worries.

The investigation takes Trench and Debsy away from traffic duty to a detective agency who are monitoring the strange case of a wife who disappears every Tuesday night.

And just who is watching Trench from afar?


Old Tom slowly realises that he must solve the case before his past catches up with him...

The Armchair Detective and the Castle of Mandrake Part Two

First ever Armchair Detective two-parter:


"And the man is... Mandrake"


Old Tom receives an invitation to a castle that he simply cannot refuse.

He has dreaded this day for a long time, but he always  knew it would come all the same. He knows his 'friend' from the Old Days will be waiting for him with a twisting plot to enact a tormenting revenge.


Trouble is, he's taking Trench and Debsy with him...

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