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In fog-enshrouded Victorian London, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson soon become entangled in a deadly web of intrigue and cryptic clues.


Who is the silver-caned shadowy stranger? Is Euclid’s College Lecturer, John Kindred really in danger? And what is the connection to the fabled and priceless emerald, the Egyptian Sepulchre?


Holmes slowly suspects that the answers may lie behind a quite extraordinary equation…

Requested by a frightened Lady Elisabeth Montague, Holmes and Watson travel all the way to the Montague home, situated on a remote desolate island, to investigate her somewhat fanciful fears.


Are the family in mortal danger?

And why have the Montagues, once the darlings of London society, now shunned themselves away from civilisation in this bleak, god-forsaken retreat?


As the Montague murders begin, Holmes finds himself drawn, ever closer, to the dreaded Montague madness...

Sherlock Holmes ACX

*Audiobooks are enhanced with

atmospheric music and sound effects.

Montague ACX
Sherlock Kobo

With Holmes incapacitated, Watson reluctantly agrees to let the arguementative Inspector Lestrade accompany him on a Scottish fishing holiday.

But soon after arriving at Ye Clootie's Claw Inn, Watson and Lestrade discover the fearsome Legend of Loch Logarth seems to be very much on the prowl...

Is the Clootie creature terrorising the village of Logarth? And will Watson and Lestrade ever agree on anything?

As the creature claims its first victim, Watson realises he may have seen terrible wounds like this before...

Logarth ACX
Final Chapter
Final Chapter ACX
Sherlock Holmes Scripts 3
Sherlock Holmes Scripts ACX

An unprecedented crime wave is remorselessly sweeping across the city of London...


How have the criminals achieved so much recent remarkable success?

Inspector Lestrade does not know which way to turn. Holmes and Watson follow a series of tantalising clues leading them closer to the darkness...

Holmes begins to sense a creeping pattern behind their investigation...


Could this really be the great detective's final chapter..?

Solve the Egyptian equation; witness the Montague murders; fear the Legend of Loch Logarth and close Holmes' final chapter...


All four original Sherlock Holmes scripts of The Holmes and Watson Series, written in the style of the classic Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce films.


The Sherlock Holmes Scripts also features a bonus additional scene, Mrs Hudson Speaks and an introduction by Holmes' trusted scriber himself, Doctor Watson.

Paperback & Hardcover

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Sherlock Holmes Scripts 2

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