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Can a deadly and ferocious tiger really be stalking the fog-enshrouded streets of Edwardian London?


Holmes and Watson decide to visit the local travelling Circus and are especially interested when a performing and very agile tiger bursts into the ring...

The Corvus Conspiracy

Sherlock Holmes Scripts 2
Corvus 1

A secret group. A sinister purpose...

Corvus 2

Surely, Charles Clemency must be the murderer? After all, he is the only actual suspect found in the locked bedchamber next to the still, graceful body of his lady wife.


Inspector Lestrade is justifiably proud of himself for solving a case without the assistance from you-know-who. The compelling evidence confirms that there is nothing irregular about this investigation, and that Charles is clearly as guilty as sin.


So, why is Holmes suddenly taking a keen interest in the case..?

Corvus 3

The society spiritualist, Mrs Hayden is seemingly able to converse freely with the recently departed at her popular gatherings.


Holmes and Watson remain sceptical, until they attend one of her remarkable séances...

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The raven swoops and strikes. Its claws tearing at the flesh. Its victim paralyzed, with death quickly following...


A long and complex plot is finally coming together for the Corvus Brotherhood and, unless Holmes, Watson and a determined Inspector Gregson can somehow stop them, will achieve its chilling and audacious purpose by the claw of the raven...

Corvus 4
Corvus 5

For over four hundred years, the Corvus Brotherhood have been plotting for vengeance.


As their plans near completion, the Brotherhood are somehow connected with: a spring-heeled tiger; a condemned murder suspect about to be hanged; the deathly communications of a society spiritualist and even Mycroft's sudden disappearance.


The claw of the raven is about to strike...

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Corvus 2 ACX
Corvus 3 ACX
Corvus 4 ACX

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Corvus Series
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