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A chance meeting with a mysterious elderly man...

Who is Old Tom - a sad and lonely fusspot? Or a forgotten figure whose bewildering deductive abilities hint at something more..?

Does he ever leave his armchair?

Why is he only seen or heard by engaging, local newspaper reporter, Trench?

And what surprising secret are the Mayflower Court Flats really hiding?


Come on a challenging, yet comfortable investigation.

Can you solve the mystery without leaving your armchair..?


(Also contains The Armchair Detective and the Manor-House Mystery.)

The Armchair Detective Series One - The Complete 'Boxed Set'

Mandrake Chronicles ACX
Mystery Double Bill ACX

The Mandrake Memoirs

Mandrake Memoirs Kindle.jpg

It all comes back to my dearest Eleanor...

But that selfish, dreadful act by Thomas so long ago destroyed everything. It destroyed us. It destroyed me...

I know you understand why I need to enact a twisting revenge on Thomas - now calling himself Old Tom and his friend, Trench.

My Memoirs will explain my motivations further. I will have my revenge.

I will have my sweet Eleanor...


Mandrake Memoirs ACX.jpg
Fellowship Cover.jpg

The Fellowship

"The end days are upon us."

For over a thousand years, The Fellowship have prepared for one purpose, and one purpose only. They believe the wrath of the ancient Gods will cause a cataclysmic event in... Stokeham.


Each mystery solved brings Trench closer to The Fellowship, and to their belief in his remarkable destiny...

The Three Three Wooden Dolls Mysteries

" I'm not stupid. I know they can't talk. I know they are only three wooden dolls."

From discovering the three wooden dolls in an old battered shoe box, Trench befriends the dollies: Ralph, Gardner and Buttercup, more than he possibly could have imagined.

Trench discovers their origin; and marvels as the three wooden dolls help to solve a dolls' house puzzler and a model village mystery.

"Buttercup sensed something in that dolls’ house – something that chilled her to her wooden sole…"

Special Editions

BookCoverImage (2)

The Armchair Detective

The Back Cover descriptions in full:

A chance meeting with a mysterious, elderly man...


Featuring all six plays of the absorbing, yet fun mystery series that has taken the e-reading world by storm.


Also, exclusive 'Boxed Set' Extras including:

   Interview with the man behind the armchair

   Deleted scenes

   Easter egg

   Favourite quotes - and more!


(Hardcover Edition)

The Armchair Detective The Early Years 

A comprehensive collection covering the formative years of the fun cosy mystery series, The Armchair Detective.

Featuring every script from Series One & Two, and even the first 2 plays of  Series Three.


In total, a bumper deduction-busting 12 mysteries!

81969959-62a0-4000-9be4-d52a8dba203e (1)s
Special Scripts, The

The Armchair Detective The Special Scripts

Celebrating 5 Years of

The Armchair Detective...


In this very special collection, I have chosen 5 of my favourite Armchair Detective scripts, one to represent each published year of the cosy mystery phenomenon that has sold in its thousands all over the world.


The Armchair Detective

The Cosy Mystery Series

Complete Series One Lulu2


Trench has lost his memory. He barely remembers anything at all. He doesn't even remember he's a reporter for the Stoneham Herald. Somehow he manages to find the old fellow's flat.

A concerned Old Tom advises Trench to, as far as possible, carry on as normal to aid his befuddled state. He even has to hand-draw Trench a map so he can find the Herald offices.

Through his investigations, Trench's memories very slowly return.

And the truth could be that extraordinary, it may be best to forget...

Mandrake Chronicles

The Mandrake Chronicles

I am Mandrake.


I have vowed to inflict a creeping retribution on my old friend and colleague, Thomas.

I wager you believe that I am in the wrong. I only ask that you carefully study these five transcripts before passing judgement.

Perhaps 'old' Thomas had it coming to him - you decide...


Featuring a foreword by the man himself - Mandrake!

Mystery Double Bill

The Armchair Detective Mystery Double Bill

A chance meeting with a mysterious old man...


Unearth the mystery of the Mayflower Court flats and play find-the-lady at the murkey yet majestic manor-house.


The first two plays of the ground-breaking cosy mystery series, The Armchair Detective.

Mystery Manor-House

Mystery at the Manor-House

Dreadbury Manor has endured more mysteries than most over the years.

A missing girl; a manipulative aristocrat; a madcap father and the bubbling Dreadbury Punchbowl.

And six years later: A mystery woman; an absent aristocrat; a hidden menace and the bubbling Dreadbury Punchbowl.

Mystery and the manor-house go together. So read both manor-house mysteries – available for the first time, in this one special volume.

Covers Lulu

The Armchair Detective The Covers

All the front covers of all 41 eBooks; all 10 series of The Armchair Detective.

Plus Series Collections; Special Editions & original covers.

Indulge in this deluxe, glossy coffee table book sat, of course, in your favourite armchair.


The Armchair Detective... covered.

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