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Runaway Cover.jpg

Little Titch

and the

Runaway Train

An Engine Series Special

   "Runaway train, never coming back..."


  Rabia, a green engine, arrives here, at the Mainland, all the way from there, faraway Africa.

Little Titch, Gideon and Minnie Millie go to meet her, but why has Rabia really come - and why does she want to run away..?

NEW Book!

Out on kindle NOW


Meet all the engines,

characters big and small, in

The Engine Series 

illustrated kindle books, which are aimed at Mums & Dads to read to their children from ages 2 to 6.

Little Titch

The Small Engine

    Say hello to Little Titch, the small engine with a big heart.


    Little Titch feels very small next to his good friend, the kind and very big engine, Gideon.

    But when Gideon forgets something important, it's up to the littlest of little engines to save the day...

Little Titch


The Kind Engine

    Gideon is a big, kind engine with a huge crane arm.


    But when he meets an even bigger engine, Massive Mandy - she is always very rude to him.

    With the help of his friends, can Gideon somehow find the softer side of the bad-tempered engine..?


Toc Toc

The Clockwork Engine

Toc Toc

    Toc Toc is a clockwork engine who holds the secret to the tick and the tock.


     Little Titch, Gideon and Minnie Millie come to the Clockwork Village with a cog, spindle and wheel to fix the Great Clock.

     But what lies behind the towering clock face? And why, for a clockwork village, is there neither a tick nor a tock..?

The Engine Series
Rust Bucket Cover

Rust Bucket

The Lost Engine

    Rust Bucket is an old engine who lives on a lost railway.


    Little Titch wakes up on an old, rusty railway track. He doesn't know where he is or how he even came to be there.

    Back home, Gideon and Minnie Millie desperately search for their friend. Can they ever find the lost little engine..?

Sally Cover

Sally Steamy

The Christmas Engine

    Sally Steamy is an engine who doesn't seem to like Christmas at all.


    Sally wants to keep herself busy and believe Christmas is just another day.

     Can Little Titch and a magical Christmas adventure somehow change her mind..?

Minnie Cover

Minnie Millie

The Engine Lookerafterer

    Minnie Millie is the station cleaner who likes to look after her engine friends.


    But her friends, Little Titch and Gideon want to know just who is it who controls all the Mainland engines.

    To find out, they must go all the way to the Big City, where the biggest surprise of all is waiting for them...

All the engines cover2

   Meet all the engines, characters big and small, in this collection of all six stories from The Engine Series.


   Puff along with engines: Little Titch, Gideon, Toc Toc, Rust Bucket, Sally Steamy and not forgetting, Minnie Millie the engine lookerafterer.

All The Engines

The Complete Collection

Great Clock Cover 2

How Toc Toc Became the Great Clock

An Engine Series Special

   Little Titch and Gideon snuggle up for a bedtime story.


   And Minnie Millie tells her engines a story of a clockwork engine coming to life and of a clockmaker trying to make the Great Clock work in time before the Clockwork Village itself runs out of its tick and its tock.


 Full Colour Throughout

17-98 pages

Publisher: Shimwell's Stories

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Little Titch

and the Great

Coal Adventure

An Engine Series Special

   Little Titch, Gideon and Minnie Millie discover that the Mainland will, very soon, run out of coal.


  So, the three friends go on an exciting adventure through the tick and the tock of the Clockwork Village and search for the Lost Railway to try to find the lost coal, before they run out of steam.

Can Little Titch and friends be so bold and find that coal?

Little Titch and the Great Coal Adventure


The Wooden


An Engine Series Special

   William is a wooden engine who doesn't seem to be able to speak or even move.


  Little Titch, Gideon and Minnie Millie go to the dark woods and discover... William. But can the wooden engine somehow help them find the legendary Wooden Man who may, just may, bring light to the Deep Dark Woods..?

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