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Historical Adventure

Science Fiction

Christian Fantasy

Murder Mystery

Political Thriller

Horror Erotica

Whispers ACX 2

Dystopian Romance

Wake-Eat-Work-Relief-Sleep... Repeat

The Compound consists of 23 males and 23 females. The same Routines are rigidly followed every single 24 Hour Block. The Compound's Rules must always be obeyed. And Sexual Relief is only allowed to happen between the same sex.

Male13 slowly starts to quietly question the world of the Compound. He wonders if there could be more to life other than Work, Eat and Repeat. And, Compound-forbid, could he dare to risk everything, and ever attempt to have Sexual Relief with a female..?

Coming January 2025


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At last, after 165 years, the sequel to The Man in the Iron Mask...


17th Century France, two years after D'Artagnan's death:


Deep beneath the Palais de Versailles, Aramis is shocked and astonished by the directives of D'Artagnan's Legacy. To follow, he must betray his honour; his King and, perhaps most damning of all, his fellow Musketeers.

The Sun King will be eclipsed by darkness once more...

Or can the ageing Musketeers really reunite, for one last time - for the glory of France?

Legacy Audible

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Producer & Narrator: Alan Ceppos


Duration: 1 hour & 7 minutes


What is so special about Space Pilot Harrys?


True, he values his individuality above anything else. He is even weary of being one-bonded with his female.

But, just before the dawn of the next millennium, Harrys' belief system is about to be blown wide apart.

Because, across the immense vastness of Space, the Prime is waiting for him......

Producer & Narrator: Alan Ceppos


Duration: 1 hour

Christmas ACX


A young woman cycles precariously through a snowy wonderland, carrying the most precious gift of all...



A troubled family encounter a stranger on the bleakest of Christmas Eves - a man who knows far more about them than he possibly could. And what exactly is this 'gift of Christmas' he so reverently speaks of..?

Producer & Narrator: Michael Baker


Duration: 43 minutes

Producer & Narrator: Michael Baker


Duration: 47 minutes

Producer & Narrator: Alan Ceppos


Duration: 56 minutes

One murder.


Three suspects.


Each has their own very different story to tell of an ill-fated stay at the Saunderson family remote country residence, Three Sisters.


But, will it be left to the final report of Inspector Mackenzie to shed any light on this most baffling of crimes?

A new recruit is assigned to be Hitler's personal bodyguard.


The ruthless Red Army are slowly closing in...


The last few days of the Führerbunker.


But instead of taking positive action, the Nazis seem more intent on playing out petty rivalries.

Or is there another reason, some sort of plot behind the façade of trivial tensions?


Could the most audacious plan in history really save the Third Reich?


Whispersync for Voice

with Kindle eBook.

Whispersync for Voice

with Kindle eBook.

Novella Audiobooks

Whispersync for Voice

with Kindle eBook.

Whispersync for Voice

with Kindle eBook.

Whispersync for Voice

with Kindle eBook.

In the darkest recesses of the old deserted cottage, The Whispers lie in wait...


They will tease, entice and corrupt. They will take you to the exquisite, undreamt of heights of extreme sexual pleasure. They will compel you to commit acts of pure horror.

They will utterly destroy you.


Turn away now. Don't go in.

Never go in.



The Whispers is a sexy horror fantasy and is strictly adult in tone. You have been warned.

Producer & Narrator: Phaedra London


Duration: 3 hours & 44 minutes

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